Creation Resources

These are web sites and organizations which teach the science and scripture that show Evolution is false, Creation as written in Genesis is true, and there are MANY reasons why it matters. If you have questions about Genesis or Darwin, start here.

Image result for genesis science networkIf you have a ROKU or other streaming device, you can get the GSN channel, or you can just watch online at

This channel is always free and has a wide range of programs and topics from organisations such as Answers in Genesis, Creation Ministries International, Creation Today, and more.

The channel is a project of David Rives, who also hosts the show Creation in the 21st Century on TBN.


Creation Today (On their main page is a box that says “Get Answers!” which searches not only their own archives, but also a collection of the best Creation apologetics sites. It’s a Creation Science search engine. I also highly recommend their YouTube Channel. It features their show, featuring Eric Hovind and his guests hosts, including the congenial Paul Taylor.

Answers In Genesis For thirty years this organization has had content created by the top Related imagescientists in their field, including many who have done field research to demonstrate the existence of C14 and soft tissue in dinosaur bones, the rapid rate of radio-decay in certain elements, and a host of other topics which validate Biblical Creation and invalidate Evolutionism.

Genesis Week/ Ian Juby My 3rd favorite Canadian and congenial scientists, Juby presents Image result for ian jubyon a LOT of related topics, and he does his homework (links in the description to his videos on YouTube). From creation and evolution, to the flood and fossils, modern and historical science, and more, Juby makes it clear, entertaining, and relevant.

More than his web site, I recommend his YouTube Channel. If you’re new, start with his Crevo Rants. If you want to see the whole case for Creation and against Evolution laid out all at once, check out his Complete Creation Series.

[img] Creation Ministries International This multinational organization is much like Answers in Genesis- they have top scientists in their fields creating content and speaking on topics related to the Creation/Evolution debate, including biology, chemistry, dinosaurs, astronomy, and more.

Image result for origins tv creation scienceOrigins TV A Creation science tv show available on line. Not as entertaining as Ian Juby or Eric Hovind, this show still has top scientists diving deep into relevant topics for 25 minutes at a pop. A lot to be learned here from the nerds who know what they’re talking about. This is a great introduction to a LOT of different topics in the Creation/Evolution debate.

The Slaves4Christ YouTube Channel is a warehouse of great lectures on science topics. The lecturers come from all of the organizations above and more, and as you will see, most of them are top scientists in their field.

The North West Creation Network also has a YouTube channel which houses a VAST collection of great lectures by top scientists. For years now they have had an annual creation conference where in the topics are addressed by top scientists. Once you’ve heard Ian Juby rant for a few minutes, come here and get an hour more on the details and learn you some science!

John Mackay– A brother from down under, Mackay is an old friend of Ken Ham and Answers in Genesis. His YouTube channel has a lot of great teaching on creation science from Mackay and friends on a variety of topics.

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