Distant Starlight

What about the distance to the stars? Doesn’t that prove that the universe must be billions of years old? Or big banged? Nope. There are a few models which explain it well within the realm of observational science. I liken it to the JFK assassination- maybe we can’t say for certain what happened, but we can rule out natural causes.

Here’s an article which sums up the problem and some of the solutions.

The Problem of Distant Starlight (watch):

The Speed of Light – Jason Lisle

Does Distant Starlight Prove the Universe Is Old – Jason Lisle

Starlight and Time – Dr. Russell Humphreys

Starlight And A Young Earth – Dr. G. Charles Jackson    

The Decreasing Speed of Light 1:19:36 (Full Length)    

Starlight and the Young Earth by Dr. Charles Jackson

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