Where did life come from? I suggest you start with my “Defining Evolution (Thursday Night Nachos)” series where in I define what Darwin meant and then examine the various proposed mechanism and evidence for evolution. Then, check out the longer academic lectures by scientists in the videos below.  
Darwinian Evolution

Check This Out Evolution Refuted     

Eric Hovind: Beginnings. This series is a great summary of the case FOR Biblical Creation and against Darwinian Evolution. If you’re new to the debate, check this out.

Is Darwinian Evolution Science Fiction? – From “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed”    

How Did Life Begin?!? – from “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed” –    

Evolution and Genetic Mutation – from “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed”    

Natural Selection is not Evolution – MSU Origin Summit    

Darwinism: Massacred by a Monarch    

Science vs Evolution: “Three Lies of Evolution” with Dr Charles Jackson

Why Biblical Creation is Good Science

The Defining Evolution (Thursday Night Nachos) Playlist

UC Berkley, the Nation Center for Science Education, and the California Museum of Paleantology (and a bunch of other people) put together Evolution 101– the series intended to teach and prove evolution to school kids of all ages. We debunked the entire series one page at a time. Watch the first half of the series here

From A Bit Of Orange:

The Defining Evolution Series Playlist on YouTube
The Evolution 101 series (Read the entire series) The series begins here:
Evolution 101-part 1: Definition FAIL
The Defining Evolution (Thursday Night Nachos) Series

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