David Wood/Acts17Apologetics

Acts17Apologetics is the YouTube channel of David Wood David Wood- former psychotic atheist, now Christian apologist. He spends a LOT of time teaching about Islam, Mohammed, and the Quran. David Wood always pulls from Islamic sources when talking about Islam, so if you want to learn about Islam from Islamic sources, this is a great place to start.

This video is part of THIS series called “Answering Islam.” It stars David Wood who was good friends with the late Nabeel Qureshi whose YouTube Channel can be found here.

Nabeel Quareshi is a former Muslim, now Christian, who speaks and writes about Islam. He left Islam when he began to study what it really taught and also began to study Christianity with his friend David Wood. He is the author of the book, “Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus.”

Here are a few videos that ask what history says about the origin of Islam and begin to uncover reasons to doubt Islam even existed during the lifetime of Mohammed- if he even existed:

Robert Spencer vs. David Wood: Did Muhammad Exist?

You’ll notice that it’s David Wood from Acts17Apologetics who is defending the position that Muhammad DID actually exist, which is actually his belief, so this is not a settled debate among Christians, but Spencer makes a VERY compelling case. If you have not heard it we HIGHLY recommend giving it a listen with an open mind.

Robert Spencer speaks in Los Angeles on Did Muhammad Exist?

The Masked Arab is a former Muslim who now considers himself an atheist [so, language warning], but like David Wood he examines Islam from within its own sources and doctrine. In case you want to see what non-Christians familiar with Islam have to say. In this video he examines the clash between Islamic teaching and modern science- specifically how Islamic teaching conflicts with everything we know about the shape of the earth and universe. Check out his video on the Islamic depiction of the universe HERE: Islam & the whale that carries the Earth on its back

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