Jim Wallace/Cold Case Christianity/Please Convince Me

website here, YouTube Channel here– Jim Wallace is a cold case homicide detective who has a lot of useful info on the historicity of the Bible and the logic of Christian faith, but he also has done a lot of research on Mormonism due to having family in the LDS church.

If you want to learn how Mormonism is different than Christianity, and how it fails the test, this is a great place to start.

Top Ten Mormon Problems Explained

A look at the evidence against Mormonism and the claims of Joseph Smith. Topics include primarily matters of historicity, events in the life of Joseph Smith and the events/evidence which invalidates his claims to be a prophet of God.

WHY Mormonism is NOT Christian

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Read Matt Slick’s Article on Mormonism Here

Matt Slick of CARM sums up the key doctrinal differences between Mormonism and Christianity. They admit that Mormons may be super great people who make good neighbors, but the argument here is NOT against Mormons, it’s merely making clear distinctions between the core doctrines that make Mormonism and Christianity what they are. What you will learn is that Mormonism uses a lot of the same terms and names that are found in the Bible, but it means VERY different things- so different that it can be said with certainty that Mormonism is NOT a denomination of Christianity, but a different religion entirely.

Real Truth. Real Quick.

Here is another great summary of what distinguishes Mormon doctrine from Christian doctrine. Again, not intending to disprove Mormonism, but merely intending to prove that Mormonism is NOT Christianity.

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