Over at ABitOfOrange.com, we try to take the vast complexities of different apologetic topics and simplify them into little slices of refreshing goodness. The Academy is where we keep the resources for you to learn more on all of the topics we address.

The metaphor is simple: Christian Apologetics is a vast orchard of different topics- History, Science, Philosophy, Theology- and each row of trees has a lot of topics of its own. For instance, the Science Row has a Biology Tree, a Chemistry Tree, a Geology Tree, and each of these trees has fruit. Some of the fruit are laws of science, others are individual experiments or observations. My job over at ABitOfOrange.com is to take a slice of knowledge- a bit of orange- and share it with you.

Once you’ve enjoyed a few bits of orange, you may be ready to climb one of those trees and take in more. That’s what this site is for. I’m gathering as much of the higher level and more complete information I can on all of the topics I touch on over at ABOO so you can understand those bits even more.