The Big Bang Never Happened

Let’s start right at the very beginning. Isn’t the Big Bang the scientifically proven history of the world? Hasn’t it been established by science? You will find that the facts don’t defend the explosion of nothing making everything. For a summary of the arguments, read my articles below. For more the videos and get quality academic lectures from the scientists in their field.
The Big Bang (watch):

The Big bang Never Happened

A 6000 year old universe! Who Says? Who Cares? Jim Mason PhD    

Physics Disproves Atheistic Cosmologies    

Spike Psarris: Debunking The Big Bang    

Spike Psarris: Science or Storytelling?    

Our Solar System: Evidence of Creation    

Science Educator Dr. G. Charles Jackson: Big Bang Cosmology is a Fake

Big Bang (Read):
Confessions of a YEC part 9- Big Bang: BIG FAIL
Confessions of a YEC part 10- Red Shift, Escape, Delete: Science
Confessions of a YEC part 11- The Not So Smoking Gun of the Big Bang

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