Geology- Record of the Flood

Your textbooks will tell you that we are standing on a mile of evidence for deep time and evolution, but what do the rocks actually say for themselves? Geology and paleontology do NOT defend either, but are both great support for creation and the flood of Genesis. One thing to pay attention to- Biblical sources show you the fossils while evolutionary sources show you their interpretation. Always ask to see the data.

Geology and Fossils (watch):

New finds by Creation Research – Part 1

Living Fossils – Dr. Carl Werner, part 1 of 2 | Origins

Living Fossils- Dr. Carl Werner, part 2 of 2

Whale Evolution vs. The Actual Fossil Evidence

Geology and the Clash of Worldviews

Origins – Mount St. Helens – Explosive Evidence for Creation with Dr. Steve Austin

Geologist Dr. Steve Austin: Catastrophic Plate Tectonics – A Global Flood Model

The Mystery of Coal | Origins with Dr. Steve Austin

Fossil Record: A Problem for Evolution  

Bryan Osborne: Dragons & Dinosaurs

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