The Existence of God

So it’s clear the Bible teaches that In the beginning, GOD created, but what makes us so sure that God even exists? Many reasons to be sure, but here’s a few arguments which can be made for those still skeptical.

The Existence of God

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This graphic novel- found at – is a fun and easy journey through logic, reason, and basic philosophy, which shows how one can reason their way to Christianity merely by thinking about the universe and being logically consistent. It is very much the kind of logical train of thought CS Lewis uses in his book, Mere Christianity- which I also recommend.

Read or Download Mere Christianity by CS Lewis as a PDF. 

These links are to videos which wonderfully explain and beautfully illustrate some of the many arguments and evidences for the existence of God.

Leibniz’ Contingency Argument    

The Fine Tuning of the Universe

The Moral Argument

The Kalam Cosmological Argument

The Ontological Argument

Proving God Exists- Sye Ten Bruggencate

Peter Kreeft has written and lectured on arguments for the existence of God. Here is an article offering twenty:

And here he is expounding on five of his favorite (Audio only)

Richard Dawkins/The God Delusion
Dawkins is the most popular atheist on the internet right now (although he has stopped calling himself an atheist because he admits atheism is indefensible). A biologist, Dawkins eventually decided that he was in a position to attack the Bible and as such wrote a popular book far more atheists reference than have actually read, and also showed how very incapable of theology he was. See his intellectual failings picked apart down to the bone below.

The God Delusion? – Dr. Marc Surtees Refutes Richard Dawkins


“The Greatest Hoax on Earth” summary of book by Dr. Jonathan Sarfati

Richard Dawkins’ Best Argument Against God is the Worst Argument in Western History

And the best debunking of Richard Dawkins on the internet:




JP Holding addresses one of the internet’s popular conspiracy theories and dismantles the case AGAINST the existence of Jesus.
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