WHY Trust the Bible?

An excellent question! With so many religions and proposed “holy books” why choose the Bible over any other? Or, to put it another way, why Jesus among other gods? Here are some of the MANY great answers to that question.

Image result for RZIM This article from Andy Bannister of RZIM sums it up very well. https://www.zachariastrust.org/why-trust-the-bible

Here is Ravi himself addressing the question in a live Q&A.

Image result for bible thinker mike winger

Mike Winger of Bible Thinker has made a whole series of teachings on some of the MANY reasons why the Bible stands up under scrutiny and why we can KNOW it to be accurate and reliable.


I cannot recommend Mike Winger enough, as he really does his homework and he sites his sources. He gets into deep issues but puts the cookies on the bottom shelf so you don’t need a PhD to understand it.

This can be found at http://www.thebigmystery.com/ but it is called “Me, Fuzzy, The Professor, and the Meaning of Life,” and the title alone should get you to want to read it. This one really comes at the question from the long way around, but it is a fun read in comic book form, and it shows how very logical Christianity is, and how, if Christianity did not exist, we should have to invent it to make sense of even logic itself.

Josh McDowell was a skeptical atheist who attempted to write a logical refutation of the Bible, but when all of the evidence was in, he had become convinced that the Bible was true and Jesus was his Lord, God, Savior and King.

Josh McDowell and friends give a brief overview of the many reasons why we can have confidence in the New Testament, much of which comes down to the many reasons why we can trust the Bible to be accurate and where our modern Bible came from. To really get into the details in depth, get the book Josh references- his book The NEW Evidence that Demands a Verdict. Just Google it and go shopping.

Here is Josh McDowell with a longer presentation which covers a lot of ground, including the manuscript evidence and internal consistency, etc. A long, LONG list of skeptical attacks against the Bible are addressed and refuted with evidence and reason.

Here is an excellent talk by Voddie Baucham where in he presents a case for the reliability of the Bible and confronts a lot of the skeptical attacks. In short, “The Bible is a reliable collection of historical documents written by eyewitnesses during the lifetime of other eyewitnesses which report supernatural events in fulfillment of specific prophecies claiming that they are words of divine origin, rather than human in origin.”

WHY JESUS among other gods?

Below resources address the question of why Christianity is true, but please also visit the resources given on our Islam and Mormonism pages. For arguments and evidence for the existence of God, please see our Existence of God page.

William Lane Craig of reasonablefaith.org answers a question on Christianity’s exclusive claim to God and salvation, and summarizes the evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus.



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